Maid of Honor Guide

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Bridesmaid & Maid of Honor Guide, Duties, Speech tips, and survival tips

Maid of HonorBeing selected to fulfill the Maid of Honor duties is nearly every woman's dream.  There are numerous maid of honor responsibilities that take place before, during, and after the wedding.  Some of the maid of honor duties can vary, however, they are mostly the same for most weddings.  As a maid of honor, you've been trusted with a very important function as well as various duties.  Your friend, the bride, is going to rely upon you to be her guide.  Therefore taking the time to do some additional resource will be appreciated in the end.  You're going to need an accurate and reliable source for information that will serve as your maid of honor guide - don't just trust everything you read!  You should have a complete plan mapped out well before the wedding date actually arrives.

Maid of Honor Guide

It's all about having fun!

Bridesmaid and Maid of honor duties can and should be executed without a hitch if you stick to the guide.  Nearly all weddings are elegant in their own way... regardless of their style.  Informal weddings are respected by the people that are in attendance and quite likely still the most important day of a bride's life.  Shirking some of your duties as the best maid of honor is something you will NOT want to experiment with - please DO take these duties as serious, but rewarding.  As you agree to take on the duties of being the Bridesmaid or Maid of Honor it's a great time to start preparing for the responsibilities.  Everything will need to be organized and taken care of well before the wedding in order to alleviate every possible source of stress for the bride and yourself.  Choosing a location and the theme with the bride may be a challenge, but don't forget who is the bride and who is the maid of honor.  You may need to bite your tongue from time to time as your likes and her likes are probably not aligned in perfect harmony.  That's not really important... her being satisfied and happy with the choices is what is of utmost importance.  With this maid of honor guide you are sure to be the best maid of honor anyone could ask for you'll need to take into consideration what is most likely to please the bride.

One of the most exciting bridesmaid or maid of honor duties is planning the bachelorette party.  Have a blast!  Do something original if you can think of something, if not, just trust your instincts.  Of course, you'll need to confirm all of your guides and ideas with the bride.  Surprises can be great, but be careful... get a second opinion if you are considering any type of surprise elements for that event.  If she has hinted about what she'd like just go with that and take care of her by listening to the clues she gives you... if only her future husband could do the same... sigh...  You can bet the guys are going out to see some strippers so if she is into male dancers then why not oblige her too! No matter which maid of honor guide you decide to follow, it's ALL about HER...  It's obvious, but should be stated that she, the bride, needs to be the focal point of this and all of the other events surrounding her wedding.  The sign of a great friend and great maid of honor is one that does the entire task with the understanding that it is all done to make the bride feel special.  A good Maid of Honor guide is a really great way to get things going in the right direction.

Maid of Honor

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