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Best Bachelorette Party Ideas & Tips

One of the most fun and exciting aspects about being a maid of honor is getting to plan the bachelorette party, it can also be the most overwhelming. You want to make it a special and entertaining event for the bride, a party that she'll never forget, but you might not know just where to begin when it comes to getting everything organized for it. So, here are a few bachelorette party ideas and tips to help you put together a memorable bash that the bride and all of the guests will will truly enjoy.

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Best Bachelorette Party Ideas. Of course, budget and time are two factors in determining which bachelorette party is best for the bride and everyone involved. Here a just a handful of ideas that range from simple to extravagant:
• Have a local spa day. Why not invite everyone to a local spa to enjoy a day of rest and relaxation. Everyone can get a facial or a massage to unwind before the big day, and it doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg if everyone but the bride pitches in. After you've all been pampered, head out for a nice lunch or dinner, possibly even a night out on the town.
Host a slumber party. This idea can be extremely affordable and easy to throw together. Most of us loved slumber parties as a kid, so why not have one in the bride-to-be's honor, so that you can all feel like teenagers again. Give each other manicures, watch scary movies, and pig out on snacks.
Have a tarot reading party. By hiring a card reader or psychic to tell everyone's fortune or divulge their past lives, you will give all your guests a memorable and entertaining night. Have a dinner ready beforehand, and then set the mood by lowering the lights and hanging some decorations that are along the lines of seance meets carnival. Chances are, most of them will have a blast.
A weekend in Vegas. This is the classic Vegas bachelorette party idea. However, there's a reason that Las Vegas is such a fantastic destination...because it's a lot of fun and has a variety of things to do during a Vegas bachelorette party. Other than night clubs and luxury hotels, you can gamble, eat at wonderful restaurants, and take in all the sights on The Strip. It can be a bit pricey, but it's well worth it if your crowd likes to party like it's going out of style. Just about anything is available as far as activities go... just use your imagination here.

Some Bachelorette Party Tips. There are a variety of things you can do to make planning the party a cinch. Here are just a few suggestions:
• If you're on a budget, ask the other bridesmaids to pitch in to help, that way you can pool your money to throw an even bigger bash.
• Create a blog to help keep everyone up to date as to how the planning is going and to get feedback or gather ideas.
• Be organized. This is probably the best tip, as it will ensure that you pull the party off without a hitch (or, at least, as few hitches as possible.

You're sure to give the bride a memorable bachelorette party if you use one of these ideas and follow these simple tips. Good luck and have fun!

Best Bachelorette Party Ideas

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