Maid of Honor Checklist

Maid of Honor Checklist (this is to give you a general idea):
As the maid of honor, you may wondering exactly what your primary role should be... You know you're supposed to be the right-hand lady for the huge day, but where exactly should you start?

Focusing on the bridesmaids is an important item to on any maid of honor checklist! Make sure they have their dresses, their jewelry, and make their fittings completely coordinated and that they'll be exactly on time. Ensure that they are kept abreast of absolutely everything that is taking place up to the wedding, and make certain that they are going to be present for rehearsals!

Notify everyone involved in the wedding of the bride and grooms registry's well in advance if possible.

Organize the bridal shower and the bachelorette party. These are the most enjoyable of all the occasions you will prepare, and it's really about the group supporting you and making it a really fun process/event.

Aid the bride with anything at all that would seem to overwhelm her. Address invitations, coordinate the RSVPs, help her pick the wedding color themes and help decide on the wedding ceremony cake. All the minor specifics may possibly end up being your choice, so make certain you know what the bride desires for her most lovely day.

Take care of the bride's gown after the ceremony. This implies you should have it professionally cleaned, and store it correctly till she returns from the honeymoon.

Another important task that should be on your Maid of Honor Checklist is to preserve a report of all presents given, to make daily life less difficult on the bride following the wedding ceremony is around.
Coordinate transportation and lodging for the out of town visitors. Make positive they know wherever they are supposed to be, and when.

Make positive the bride doesn't forget to be well hydrated and eat well beforehand... It is amazing how often this little detail gets overlooked.

Consider care of all the tiny facts. You will hold her bouquet for her throughout the ceremony, and you will also maintain the groom's ring. Make positive her makeup and hair is best ahead of she makes that huge stroll down the aisle, and be specific you have taken the time to speak to the best gentleman beforehand. This is the gentleman you will be dancing with at the conventional 1st dance, so it would be wonderful if you weren't awkward!

This doesn't really need to be included on any maid of honor checklist as you should just be there for the bride. She is relying on you to maintain her sane as the huge day ways. Be accessible to discuss to her, reassure her, and help her dreams turn out to be actuality.

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