Maid of Honor Duties

Maid of Honor Duties

Maid of Honor Dresses

How To Become The World’s Greatest Maid Of Honor
Becoming a maid of honor is an exciting role that every girl would look forward to experience at least once in her life.  Not only because you get to walk in the aisle wearing something pretty and nice, but mostly because it means you share a very special bond with the bride-to-be and you are someone really close to her heart.  The role also requires you to do important duties for the bride prior to and during the wedding.  This means you can expect to become as busy as a bee ensuring that the whole wedding preparation is running smoothly.

It is noteworthy to create a checklist of all your maid of honor duties and responsibilities as a maid of honor to ensure you don’t miss out any important details.  Ultimately, your main goal is to help the bride on making educated decisions on critical facets of her wedding and keeping her happy and stress-free during the tedious process of the preparation.

Pre-Wedding Maid of Honor Duties

-          Assisting Bride-to-be in her errands. You have to assist the bride in all her wedding errands like cake tasting, looking for venues, planning for wedding favors, sending out bridal invitations, assist in the process of selecting the wedding color theme and especially looking for the perfect wedding dress.

-          Coordinating with the bridesmaids and bridal attendants.  Usually, bridesmaids do not know one another so it is your duty to introduce them to one another. You will gather them and get them involve on your plans for the bridal shower or bachelorette party by delegating important tasks to each one of them.

-          Hosting a bridal shower.  Planning and hosting the bridal shower is one of the highlights of the duty of the maid of honor.  You will be in charge of inviting friends over and conceptualizing a theme for the party.  You have to make this event a memorable one for the bride-to-be as this is her last “hurrah” as being single.

-          Attending the rehearsal dinner to ensure everything is in order.

-          Preparing a wonderful wedding speech for the bride and groom.  Usually, your speech will include a few trivia about the love story of the bride and groom.

-          Buying your wedding gift to the couple.

Wedding Ceremony Maid of Honor Duties

-          Helping the bride get dressed.  As the maid of honor, you have to be early during the big day to assist the bride and ensure she looks radiant and beautiful on her big day.

-          You also need to ensure that the reception decorations are all set accordingly as well as the flowers and dresses.

-          Ensure all the bridesmaids are present  and ready in time for the wedding

-          Ensure that the guests are all comfortable and well-entertained

-          Staying at the bride side most of the time to ensure she gets all the assistance she needs, from adjusting her veil, holding her bouquet, retouching her make-up, and many other little things.

-          You also have to be present on the signing of the marriage license

-          You need to make a speech during the reception and make a toast for the newly weds

-          Dancing with the best man at the wedding reception

If you take all your maid of honor duties by heart, this will be the greatest and most unforgettable gift that the bride-to-be will ever receive and your bond with each other can only grow stronger after this. Rightfully so, you will also earn the title of the world’s greatest maid of honor.

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