Preparing for your Maid of Honor Speech

Maid of Honor Speech

You have been chosen to be the maid of honor. The aura and excitement of wedding preparations surround you. Your sweet friend the bride is bubbling with joy and love and piled high with stress. From dress fittings to sending out invitations, you've spent the whole exciting time helping her. You've ran errands and given hugs, tied ribbons and made lots of phone calls. As the wedding nears, you've discovered there is one last way that you need to help the bride. The Maid of Honor Speech.

Chances are pretty high that public speaking isn't quite your thing. Knowing ahead of time what you wish to say and practicing giving maid of honor toasts in private will help be articulate as you show how much you care for the bride. Follow these maid of honor speech tips, and you'll have everyone searching for their pretty pocket handkerchiefs.

What Should You Say?

You probably already have a few ideas on what you'll say in your toast. If not, these tips will help. Several aspects are beautiful in all maid of honor speeches. Focus on the love and joy of the occasion.

- Think about your relationship with the bride. How has it enriched your life? Share those thoughts. If the wedding is a big one, there will probably be many people who don't know you, so tell a little about how you and the bride met.

- Talk about watching the bride and groom fall in love. The maid of honor's perspective is one everyone enjoys hearing. Share your gladness for the joy the newlyweds have found, and express wishes for their future together.

- If you have a little advice or a funny story hiding in a corner of your mind, work that in, too! Everyone enjoys a laugh and wisdom is invaluable.

Some maid of honor speech ideas are timeless, but some apply specifically to certain relationships. A maid of honor speech for best friend will reflect the relationship, as a maid of honor speech for your sister will probably discuss the growing up years and little things you've shared your whole life. Make your speech as personal as possible.

Planning How to Speak Your Thoughts

With ideas for the content of your speech, try to put them into a format. You could even write it out ahead of time and memorize it, if you think that would help. A little card with the points written out in order may help, but don't read your toast. Be sure to have a strong start and a strong finish. You can find a quote that specially applies to the occasion and relationships, or a traditional toast. Your first words make an impression and the last ones will be remembered, so chose carefully.

No matter what you decide to talk about, be sincere. Try to stay away from cliches. If you don't think you can write a clever speech, speak simply. Simple, sincere and down to earth stories and wishes will touch hearts in ways that flowery vocabularies and stilted phrases won't.

The Night of the Wedding: Giving Your Maid of Honor Speech

- Relax. Let the thoughts you prepared inspire you, and imagine you are talking in conversation. If you forget the exact words, keep going and make it up. If you mess up, laugh over your mistakes. Remember to keep your focus and the bride, the love you share, and the future of their marriage and your friendship.

- Speak up. Unless the wedding is very small, you'll probably be speaking in a large room. Make sure everyone in the corners can hear you. Make allowances for how softly you speak under normal circumstances and whether a microphone is provided.

- Speak slowly. The natural tendency for everyone in public speaking is to talk much more quickly than you usually do. Make a conscious effort to speak slowly and articulate. Even if you think you're doing it too much, your audience will be happier. They'll be able to both understand you and think about everything you say.

- Think about the audience. The surest and most difficult way to achieve relaxed and pleasing public speaking is to forget about yourself. Think about the bride and look in her eyes. Turn all of your thoughts away from yourself and your nerves and toward the new couple and the love that surrounds them in family and friends.

Most importantly, try as much as possible to enjoy giving your maid of honor speech. Forget about how nervous it might make you and share from your heart all the love, joy and exciting wishes you have. Let your maid of honor toast be that last special way to bless your friend the bride and show you support her in the beautiful life before her.

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