Wedding Color Theme

There are many different ways that you can use color theory to help you develop a customized wedding color theme for your best friend.  Let's start by defining what are the Neutral Colors - Black, Brown and White.  Neutral colors go with any other color as well as each other.  Black and White is very elegant when used together.  If you want a relaxed yet sophisticated feel to your wedding color theme then you should consider selecting neutral colors with a smaller amounts of a full strength color added into the mix.  If you are looking for something more upbeat and fun then consider utilizing bold colors.

Use this color wheel and chose a starting color (as an example let's choose blue).

Maid of Honor Wedding Color Theme - Color Wheel

Maid of Honor Wedding Color Theme - Color Wheel

Different shades of the same color go together.  This means the napkins and the dresses could be within the same color group, but just different shades.  All shades of the same color are safe to use together.   Colors next to each other on the color wheel also go together.
Colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel go together... for example blue and orange.
Three colors an equal distance apart from each other go together as well.  So you can see that your choices go on and on.

This should help you establish a wedding color theme that will please everyone especially the bride. When dealing with color, perhaps the best way is hands on... just talking about a color leaves a lot open to interpretation... besides that most people don't see colors quite the same way and it does really help for the person to SEE the actual colors in front of them unless it's just going to be black and white.

Still want even more about creating an awesome Wedding Theme?

Here are a few examples - study their location on the color wheel - countless variations are just waiting to be discovered!

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